Meet the Team

Every big idea needs people to make the change

We want as many people to get involved as we can. If you have a skill set which you think can help us, or you are interested in fundraising, or simply just want to donate, then ww want to hear from you!

Salima has been working in a professional capacity with the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development for the Government of Ghana. She was recently promoted to Assistant Director of the Department, due to her determination to bring about change. She has many years experience in this field.

At Salima’s side is Ishaq, who works to attract companies to invest in our communities. He acts as the voice of the locals to the wider international community, and by raising awareness of the project, we hope to bring investment to where it matters most; into the heart of our communities.

But above all, our volunteers are the jewel in the crown. They speak the language of the locals and listen to their aspirations and dreams, and relay the information to everybody. They’re ready to get down to business when needed and bring about real change.

Salima Imoro

Country Director

Ishaq Mahmood

Charity Founder