Security and Wellbeing

Security and Safety is something we often take for granted.

We all want to feel safe in our own environments. But currently, there are many issues surrounding safety, which affects all members of the community.

Child Protection

Recent data from UNICEF shows child labour in Ghana affects 34% of the children. Furthermore, there is an increasing trend of child sexual exploitation, with many cases going unreported.

Another sad fact is that many young children are kidnapped by smugglers, who take the children to the country capital, Accra, to sell them as slaves for the wealthy. Often, these children are aged between 10 and 15 years old.
They miss out on education and family, as well as a good childhood.

The trauma from such experiences is often not addressed.

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Women’s Rights

Women in Ghana play a crucial role in the running of their communities. In Kpilo, they are often found working on the shea fields or processing the shea butter into the final product. They go and fetch water from long distances away, making them vulnerable to rape and abuse.

However, they often lack their basic needs, such as female specific healthcare. In addition, recent data shows that 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence. Rape is a problem which often goes unreported due to the taboo and fear of rejection by the community

Particularly in North Ghana, the belief in witchcraft leads to many women being accused of being ‘witches’, and are confined to ‘witch camps’

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Sakawa Fraud

Internet fraud (called ‘Sakawa’) is a big problem in Ghana. It is a practice which involves scamming people out of their money online, combined with ethnic or cultural rituals. The rituals often are used to ‘allow’ scammers to get away with their practices.

Sakawa affects people in and outside of Ghana, and many poor people often lose their savings due to such scams.

Many of these issues can be tackled with education. Very often, there is a lack of knowledge on what is right, and what is potentially harmful. By working with other organisation based in Accra, we are helping to reduce these menaces and rehabilitate victims back into their communities.

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